CVTTVNMVVTH “Toughsnake” CS.

“The lazy temptation might be to describe this great record using some outworn and undersized modifiers about it’s ability to crush, kill and/or destroy but I don’t listen to music like this. This music feels to me to be totally bereft of bullshit and perfectly encapsulates the late ’60’s zeitgeist from which it seems to draw a minor bit of inspiration. The rest? All raw, exposed and heavy. Like the best/worst nights of your life are prone to be.” –Eugene S Robinson

CVTTVNMVVTH is the unholy afterbirth delivered screaming into a hostile environment by the dirty hands of Ken Halbert and S Bowlin, two audial miscreants intent on channeling all the urban malice and broken pride of Youngstown, OH, into a barely palatable venomous onslaught of space doom sturm und drang. “ToughSnake,’ their 2013 debut release, is available now on Lions Care Recordings. VVVV


Price: $5.00

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