WILD WINGS “Showbizzz” out March 6th– pre-order HERE!  (Will ship between Feb. 16 and March 1st!). And check out our new store!

WILD WINGS “Showbizzz” CD/CS LCR027. Follow up to 2015’s Stale Heat debut, “World War Wild Wings”; this second full-length finds our heroes deep in the heart of the fuzz factory, with their rough punk rock cutting through thick layers of noise, and ribbons of feedback swirling and dancing through the skies, and shit. Though still gauzy, the production has been dialed in, offering more clarity and bite, dragging the listener into the trip. Professionally duplicated, professionally manufactured, full-color, 6-panel fold out sleeves, made in the USA. CHROME and HIGH RISE and CODE OF HONOR and KBD and ANGELWITCH and time and space and this and that and the other…

TRACK LISTING: 1.) Hamburger Ice Cream 2.) Gunzzzmenzzz 3.) Failed Design For Living 4.) 11th Most Wanted Man 5.) Jefff Starship 6.) Rogue Boner 7.) Majesty Of Love As Told In Starlite.


“Born in the dumpster, dumped in the gold.”

Hear: https://wildwings.bandcamp.com/

See: http://animaldojo.com/